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Fortunate Coincidence

29 Apr

You know how you get started watching a cooking show, and it just makes you hungry and you end up thinking about the food that you are not eating, but you wish that you were?

Today, as I sat down to eat some homemade bread that I toasted, I noticed that Jaques Pepin was on, and he was making bread!  Talk about the best way to watch a cooking show.  I’m not feeling sorry for myself at all!  Okay, maybe I felt a little sorry that I had run out of butter and had to eat my bread with margarine, but you get over those things, you know?




Quilts and Bread

27 Apr

So, the other day, I decided to make up a cinnamon raisin bread recipe. . . and it weighed  3.5 pounds before baking!


I’ll probably make some changes next time, but it was yummy!


I also did some quilting this weekend. . . which it seems like I do every weekend?  Most weekends?   Afterwards, I was cleaning up the room, and changed the blanket since it’s really summer now. . . and I dug out this quilt.


I noticed the date on it, and remembered that when I made this quilt, officially my second, but really my first real attempt, I swore that I was NEVER going to do another one.


And now, seven years later, I have so many baby quilts around, they just get piled on top of each other.


I also happened to notice my pin cushion (from my Maw Maw’s house) on top of my sewing kit.  The sewing kit / Caboodle was a gift from my Aunt Sara and Parrain when I was young.  I was SO excited about it when I got it, and it had this AWESOME hair bow inside that was made entirely of balloons. . . which was also awesome in an eighties sort of way.  It looked very similar to the one on the top right in this photo!


Over the years, the Caboodle has served as many things, but it’s been my sewing kit for the longest time.  Sometimes I think that I can use something bigger, but it makes me so happy still.


A Glimpse Into the Past. . .

22 Apr

So, I’m lazy and am not bothering to put these photos in chronological order.  Sadly, I haven’t found the one of us around Maw Maw and Paw Paw’s table.  I guess it didn’t get scanned.  One day. . . when I magically I have more time, I might start scanning photos again. . .



Aunt Dot and Marie 2009

Becky Eric Mickey and Shelly

Dad on Swing with kids 2012

devin lacey and lexie 2005



Fallon and Mac 2006


Lane Leighton and Mom 2006

Lexie 2008

lexie and Kelly with bubbles

lexie and mom 2005

lexie at faucet 1

Maw Maw and Paw Paw 2008

Maw Maw and Victoria 2009

Paw-Paw Shelly Reese Easter




Shelly and Victoria 2008

Sue and Doogie 2006

Teresa Shelly Jared Matthew Easter

the other lexie 2005

Victoria 2012

Victoria and Mom 2009

Victoria and Paw Paw 2008

Easter Pics

22 Apr

I have to say. . . it’s weird that these Easter pictures aren’t of cute babies and Easter egg hunts out by the barn in Iota. . . I may not have driven all over the state this year, but I made sure that we celebrated anyhow.






I wasn’t just taking pictures of clover and grass.  I actually read an entire novel on my quilt on the lawn on Friday afternoon.  Reading Outside

There’s something fun about dying eggs in the same cups that you used to dye eggs as a little girl.  Isn’t that a fun “purple” color?  Alex asked if those eggs were laid by the black swan.  They really were more black than purple.

eggs 1

eggs 2

It’s horrible, but I used the promise of deviled eggs to con Alex into pocking eggs with me.  Did you know that it’s called pocking eggs because Paque is Easter en francais??  I had to explain the crazy cajun tradition at least four times before we got started, and then he was as bad as a two year old, banging the eggs together!  Ha ha ha ha. . .  As I was peeling eggs, I spent the whole time thinking of sitting around Maw Maw and Paw Paw’s kitchen table (which is now my table!) with my cousins Micki, Lauren, and Kristyn peeling eggs while Aunt Sue mashed the yolks and made the deviled eggs . . . missing Kristyn and wishing that my nieces were at my house peeling the eggs for me.  Stay tuned for a post full of Easter memories!

eggs 3


And, finally, a quilt photo. . . As I was sewing, I wondered why I was doing something instead of just looking at Pinterest and pretending that I would craft some day in the future. . .


A Quilt for Mary Ella

13 Apr

Almost a year ago, Kim and Jared were expecting Mary Ella, and I was going to make her a quilt like I’ve done for the others, but Kim had plans to make Mary Ella a quilt and some other bedding.  She did a great job, and I skipped out on making a crib sized quilt.  What baby needs two??  I did make a small one for in the car and such, but that was it.  (Apparently, I was so unimpressed with it, that I never even took a picture for the blog!)  It was funny seeing her with it last weekend.  She’s so much bigger than that little quilt now. . . and since her baby sister has turned out to be a baby brother, she’s getting a new quilt!  There is one funny thing about using scraps when making a quilt. . . you might sometimes finish a project, then take a look around and realize that the quilt you’ve just finished for your precious goddaughter matches your spare room perfectly!  If I hadn’t put an M on this, I would’ve been tempted to keep it and make her another.

Mary Ella's Quilt