Winter is Finally Over! Maybe. . .

2 Apr

The lemon twig and rosemary have survived – sort of. . .


And the weeds are blooming like crazy!





On another note altogether, I found the prettiest duvet at Goodwill!


Unfortunately, it wasn’t a size that worked for any of our beds.  However, boy does a duvet have plenty of fabric!  Most of it is going to be my purse tutorial, some of it will be on the next baby quilt, and there’s still plenty to make a crib sheet for the new crib!  By the way – crib sheets are super easy.  All you have to do is find an online tutorial and spend thirty minutes or so stitching it up!


We still haven’t done our MAPP classes, but we’re getting the room ready, bit by bit for when we’re done.  I was super excited to find the exact crib that I wanted on Craigslist for only $25!  A drive to the city and a bit of time bleaching the heck out of it. . . and it’s good to go.  Yay!



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