A Long Weekend

8 Apr

We did a LOT in a very few days.  This post is going to have plenty of family photos. . .

The weekend started out with a ride on Reese’s new boat.
Mom and Jadon

On the boat

Shelly and Victoria

We went back and forth on a little stretch of the Mermentau River, and came across a castle!  Jodie Lejeune describes it in more detail on her website.

I love this picture of Victoria and Jadon.  It looks like the beginning of a fairy tale. . . brother and sister, hand in hand, wanting more than anything to go into an abandoned castle.

children's book

Then, it was back onto the boat. I love that my beautiful niece, Victoria, is at that awkward age that all children go through. She poses and preens in all of her pictures, but sometimes, you can snap a shot of her acting like a total goofball.



The trip was over before you knew it.  I can’t wait to go back out!  And I definitely want to get a little closer to the castle!

On Sunday, we went over to Kim and Jared’s for a little bbq and the gender reveal.  Looks like I’ll need to get started on a new quilt.  I should have been working on a little boy quilt this whole time!  Thankfully, it didn’t rain, and we got to play quite a bit outside.

Shelton and Jadon


Jude climbing wall

Jude the horse and a puppy

Kim and Mary Ella

Marie and Victoria

Mary Ella

Mom Jared and Mary Ella

THe barn

The puppy

Tilly and Jude spinning

And, finally, a birthday portrait of Jadon. . .  Happy Birthday, Jadon.

Jadon crying


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