A Quilt for Mary Ella

13 Apr

Almost a year ago, Kim and Jared were expecting Mary Ella, and I was going to make her a quilt like I’ve done for the others, but Kim had plans to make Mary Ella a quilt and some other bedding.  She did a great job, and I skipped out on making a crib sized quilt.  What baby needs two??  I did make a small one for in the car and such, but that was it.  (Apparently, I was so unimpressed with it, that I never even took a picture for the blog!)  It was funny seeing her with it last weekend.  She’s so much bigger than that little quilt now. . . and since her baby sister has turned out to be a baby brother, she’s getting a new quilt!  There is one funny thing about using scraps when making a quilt. . . you might sometimes finish a project, then take a look around and realize that the quilt you’ve just finished for your precious goddaughter matches your spare room perfectly!  If I hadn’t put an M on this, I would’ve been tempted to keep it and make her another.

Mary Ella's Quilt


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