Today’s Craft Picture is Brought to you. . .

13 Apr

By the letter M and the number 5.  (I picked 5 because that’s how many times I’ve washed dishes so far today and how many loads of laundry I’ve washed, folded, and put away. . . just in case you were wondering.)  Today, I did a little hand sewing. . . adding an applique to Mary Ella’s quilt.  So, if you are adding an applique initial for a little girl named Mary Ella onto a quilt . . . do you do an M?  An M and and E?  If you did an M and an E, would it look like you were spelling out me?  She’s just getting an M.  There’s no possibility of adding the e based on my placement of the M, so it’s all theoretical now. . . but what would you have done??  On a side note, I just stumbled across Cotton and Clover’s personalized name quilts.  Aren’t they lovely?

applique M


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