A Not So Horribly Difficult Bag to Sew

23 Sep

Back in March, I designed a purse, created a pattern and sewed it right up.  I mentioned at the time that I would use it for a while and then do a tutorial.  I’ve decided to make it bigger and add a couple of small, easy features.  Are you ready?? The time has finally come for the WORST tutorial in the world!  (Technically, I think it unbecomes a tutorial around the third post.)  I’ll begin by NOT giving you pattern pieces.  Ha ha ha. . . but here are some sketches of the bag and its pieces, and the measurements, along with a list of everything that you’ll need to cut out.  I’ve designed it to use three coordinating fabrics, A, B, and C.  You could do it with more (or less) though.  It’s all up to you.  I just drew my pattern pieces onto freezer paper.  It works well enough.  I’m not exactly OCD when it comes to sewing projects.

Bag 1

Bag 2

Now, for your checklist of pattern pieces:

Fabric A (I used a light green and white plaid.):
Cut one 6″ x 52″ strip
Cut three front/back panel pieces

Fabric B (I used the polka dot fabric.):
Cut one 6″ x 52″ strip
Cut four pocket pieces
Cut two 3″ x 7″ strips Create a curve on one side. This is the flap on the front.
Cut two front pocket panel pieces
Cut one front/back panel piece
Cut two 3″ x 60″ strips

Fabric C (I used a floral print.):
Cut two pocket pieces
Cut two inside pocket panels (27″ x 10″)
Cut one 8″ x 2″ strip for a loop (This is new and hopefully will be super awesome! I’m placing the loop inside, so I can hook my keys onto it!!)

Cotton Batting (optional)
Do you want to add a quilted look to your bag? If so, cut out two front/back panels, and we’ll go over that step as well!

Some other notions that you’ll need:
7″ zipper
1 large button (decorative)
magnetic snap or Velcro
coordinating piping
large grommets like these
Possibly a slide adjuster like this, if you want an adjustable strap
Also optional, is a webbing strap, if you want your strap to have some extra stability. I didn’t use it the first time, and my strap smooshed together. . .Umm, but I chose NOT to use it again.
Elastic – two 21″ pieces and three 6″ pieces

Okay. . . that’s it. . . just cut those pieces out, and then we’ll move on to sewing up the bag next!



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