The Purse Tutorial (Part Two)

26 Sep

Okay, now that we’ve finally cut out those pieces (isn’t cutting out fabric the most annoying part of sewing?) it’s time to start crafting!

We’ll start with some prep work. . .

1.  Take the fabric piece that will be your loop (2″ x 8″), fold it in half, right side together, and sew down the 8″ side of the fabric. Turn this piece right side out, and stitch along the piece like so.  After it’s done, set it aside for later.


2.  Next, take apart your sewing machine and curse. . . just for fun!


3.  Seriously, though, the next step is to attach either your Velcro or your magnetic snap to your purse.  One side needs to be attached to the front flap lining, and the other to the front pocket.  I dislike magnetic snaps, so I decided to use Velcro, and I meant to buy some without an adhesive back, so I could sew them on, but I accidentally got some WITH an adhesive back, and I tried to sew them on, but then I had to take apart the sewing machine, and, well, I resorted to the stapler.  Ha ha ha ha. . . I’m not too proud to admit it.  I stapled the Velcro on.  It’s not going anywhere.


4.  Sew your decorative button onto the front flap.


5.  Sew the front flap to the front flap lining, right sides together, leaving the short end open.  If you’d like, you can use some contrasting piping to make the strap POP!  These directions really are horrible.  Ask questions. . . I’d be happy to answer them.  Invert the flap, so it is right side out.


6. Next, place the front pocket panel and its lining, right sides together and sew the two swoopy sides.  If you want, you can use piping here two.  After that’s sewn, you can invert it as well.  I added some  top stitching along the swoops for a little extra durability.  Then, velcro your pieces together and imagine what the finished bag will look like!


Next up?  Quilting the front and back panels. . .


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