Catching up. . .

2 Feb

Just some random photos that I’ve been meaning to post. . . There’s a photo somewhere of quiche that’s supposed to accompany this first one. . . Halfway through last month, I had a whole weekend of impressive breakfasts.


Then, yesterday, I didn’t get around to making lunch. . . but I made a berry jam!


Then, today, I’m at home – feeling not so great – so I took advantage of this day at home to wash a batch of cloth diapers.  They need to be washed a few times before you use them. . . I imagine it’s more fun washing these cute diapers when they’re clean going in the wash, and cloth diapering is something that you want to do, in theory.  🙂  We’ll see how it goes if and when we get a little one that’s still wearing diapers.



One Response to “Catching up. . .”

  1. Beth February 2, 2015 at 9:13 pm #

    Eeeeeehh your “diapers” (nappies!) are sooo cute!

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