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It’s Okay to Say It. . .

10 May

Another Mother’s Day has come and gone.  It’s a shame that a day meant to honor family is heartbreaking to so many. . . On a lighter note, it can be downright awkward as well.  Yesterday, someone who knows that we are fostering told me, “Happy Mother’s Day, I guess?” Trust me, it is okay to tell me Happy Mother’s Day.  Fostering doesn’t make me any less of a mom.  As a foster parent, I spent an hour listening to a baby cry tonight, because his routine is so out of whack after a long weekend on the road.  I have read this book more times than I can count.


I get splashed repeatedly during bath time every night.  I have seen first steps, counted first teeth, and have not slept through the night for the last fourteen months. Our family, as it is, may be temporary, but it is certainly no less real.  So, yes, you can tell me Happy Mother’s Day.  It might be weird if you did, since that day’s over. . . but the same applies when Father’s Day rolls around.  Love on your foster families and acknowledge that, despite all of the ways that their lives are different than a traditional nuclear family, in so many ways, they are the same.


No Bohns About It