When the Camera Remembers What You Can’t

9 Jun

I just recently came across an old packet of photos that I’d printed. . . and when I say I, I mean the toddler running around our house. . . and when I say old, I mean from about 13 months ago. . .  When I opened up the packet of photos that he had grabbed off of a shelf that I THOUGHT he couldn’t reach, I realized that they were all pictures from his first Easter with us.  I showed him one of himself and his foster dad, and I realized that he looks SO different than he did last year.  I hardly recognized the baby version of him.  I mean, I knew it was him, but he looks SO DIFFERENT.  Obviously, a toddler is going to have grown and changed a lot in 13 months. . . but it’s funny to me that he can recognize Papá in the picture but not himself.

I started thinking about how easily I had forgotten what he looked like when he came to live with us, and how the little boy that I know today will be a distant memory in just a year or two.  Hopefully, we’ll have newer, exciting memories together. . . but the little toddler who can’t help but crawl on me when I’m on the floor. . . who loves blocks like I love cheesecake. . . who is so desperately trying to learn how to get on and off of his tricycle . . . will fade a bit in my memory.  It will be the photos that I take that help keep these times from disappearing forever.  I imagine this is part of why I’ve had this irrational compulsion to take pictures from time to time of the room cluttered with his favorite toys. . . because how else will I remember which toys are his favorite and how much he loves drums?


2 Months. . .The Elephant


7 Months. . . Stacking Rings and the Xylophone


8 Months. . . A Lovey, Teething Rings, Tag Toys, and the Random Paint Stick


9 Months. . . The Duck. . . A Halloween Pumpkin, Stacking Cups, and Teething Rings

151110_464QUACK-QUACK 036

12 Months. . . Books and Trucks and Stacking Rings

PIGX 042

14 Months. . . An old saucepan


16 Months. . . A made up drum kit

XOP+C 034

I love how you can see the gradual transition away from some toys and towards others!  I love that some toys are clear favorites.  It doesn’t show too much here, but let me tell you, this drum has been around for a long while.  Later. . . if and when there comes a day when I can post pictures of our stinker, you can expect an overwhelming amount of cuteness and a whole lot of drumming – by himself and with his Papá.  In the meantime, we’ll keep taking pictures and playing. . .

Foster Parenting. . . sometimes it seems like the hardest thing is not posting cute pictures on social media.  Okay, not really, but yeah. . .


No Bohns About It

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