Horsing Around

15 Dec

Things were going okay until I. . . umm. . . accidentally let one of the horses out onto a busy highway. . . but we’re okay. . . everyone (and every horse) survived.

IMGP1354 IMGP1362

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

14 Nov

Well, our first foster placement has come and gone. . . It was such a joy to have this little boy in our house. . . tiring, but fun.



27 Oct


Harvest Time

19 Oct

It’s not all my harvest. . . but I did spend the morning chopping up green onions and putting away persimmons.  Now my whole house smells onion-y.  But it’s done, and there will be persimmon jam in my near future.


Some Days, It’s okay to be Obsessive Compulsive

15 Oct



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