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A spare few

15 Sep

So, after one day with the Millers and the Fontenots and all of those other random families, we came back home with a little over 500 pictures. . . that being said, here is a random (and small in comparison) selection. They are in absolutely NO particular order, and I’m not even apologizing for it.  Half of these haven’t been edited, and I’m not apologizing for that either.  🙂

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A House Divided

13 Sep

So, here’s the thing. . . when I’m not sneaking bites of cream cheese danishes on my afternoon break, I’ve been working pretty hard at living a sugar free lifestyle these days, and am eating pretty much only 100% whole grain bread products and pasta. Of course, since I’ve only been doing this for a few months, there are still a few cooking disasters.

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You Capture – Sunset

12 Sep

It’s funny, with the 500 + photos that Alex and I took at Anthony’s first birthday party. . . I decided to ignore them and post my sunset pic.  I guess that makes me a bad nanny?



Rainy Day Fun

7 Sep

Talk about a wet, wet weekend. . . I do wish that I could have shared some of that rain with all of those poor, rain starved people out in Texas. . .  But, since I couldn’t, I have to tell you that I very much enjoyed it (and this cold front)!  Finally, it didn’t hurt to go outside.

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Here we come a waffling. . .

1 Sep

Who doesn’t think of this scene from A Claymation Christmas when they think of Christmas?  Anyhow, it’s that time again. . . okay, maybe it’s not QUITE Christmas yet, but it’s definitely time to get crafting.  And here’s what I’ve been working on!

Isn’t it sexy?  Mom gave me the kit like a year ago, and I finally got around to making it. . . and isn’t the dressform so much fun?????  Goodwill.  Yep.  I am the coolest. . . or maybe Alex is for doing all of the hard work, cleaning it up and painting it the coolest shade in aqua?  What should I name her?  Did you realize that seamstresses usually name their dress forms?  I think that’s kind of weird. . . but I’m going to name her anyhow. . .

Also sexy?  This groovy picture that came with the apron supplies. . . I guess it’s so you know how to pose once you’ve finished your apron?