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Put your big girl gloves on

30 Nov

You know the saying, put your big girl panties on?  I know that it’s horrible, but when I started making this hot mustard sauce, shortly after I snapped on a pair of latex gloves, I thought, “this is a recipe that requires you to put your big girl gloves on.”  And, try as I could, I couldn’t wipe that thought from my brain.  So, without further ado. . . here’s the recipe for Hot Mustard Sauce.  Continue reading


Shameless Self Indulgence

29 Nov

Because it is FINALLY done. . .

And because, God help me, I love these stinkin’ cows.

Things accomplished

28 Nov

Yes, that IS a finished curtain behind that vinegar cruet!!!!!!  I have been crocheting this curtain since March of 2009, and it is FINALLY finished. . . or was it March of 2010?  Who remembers how long we’ve been in our house?  Regardless. . . it was WAY TOO LONG for one little project, but it is NOW, officially, thankfully over.  And, it was finished on Thanksgiving Day (how apropos).

More Ugly Crafts

23 Nov

This is the second year in a row that I’ve made Anthony an ugly stuffed animal for Christmas.  Is this now officially a tradition???

Also. . . taking pictures of yourself should not be THIS funny.  I’m pretty sure that I was delirious by this point. . .

Thankful it’s quiet when I go home

22 Nov

But, boy do I love these people. . .

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